WOW !!! Just like the Asian Leopard Cat!
       We are proud to present this precious foundation cat and she is the first F2 in Brazil.
       This magnificent foundation girl remind us a lot of her grandfather Kabuki of Millwood (ALC). She has a substantial build, very large and big boned, wild movement, richly colored and a wonderful tail carriage.
       She has an exquisitely glittered, soft, clear, short dense coat and has butter yellow background color with intense dark brown spots that are covered in rosettes horizontally alligned.
       Also, she has tiny ears, great profile, pretty facial markings and a true white tummy as well. Always friendly ,fun and easy to handle, Millwood Kabushi has stolen our heart !
      We hope that this stunning daughter of Millwood HighBrow and Shish Kabob of Millwood (F1), will be a tremendous asset to our breeding program and for the Bengal breed.

    Millwood Milla of Bungalow represents the best of her mother Millwood Epitimiss and her father Millwood Candlewax Art desirable genes... huge rosettes, clear coat and whitish tummy !!!
       She is a full littermate to Millwood Xtreme, full sister to Millwood Xcite, half sister to Millwood Butter Brickle... so, she has the most famous parents, brothers and sisters !!!
       Her fur is like a pelt, she has a fantastic coat quality, big dark rosettes on light background color, extreme contrast and she is covered in golden glítter. To complement her outstanding qualities, she has a lovely head and a long body. Her wild face and all the qualities, make her extremely typey.
       We are thrilled and grateful to have this incredible female with us ... she has all the best !!!


    Millwood Philippa of Bungalow was our first Millwood cat and we are enchanted with her splendid wild type. We are thrilled with this another Millwood female , daughter of Millwood Italian Filigree and ALCat Motakari of Millwood.
    She is one the most rosetted and clearest coat that we have ever seen. She has a long low body, strong build and large boned for a female .
  With huge rosettes, unbelievable clear coat, shiny glítter , extraordinary contrast and type ... all combine to make her quite a very special girl !!!
    She wowed the people with her tight, silky pelt and wonderful soft texture to the touch . Philippa is something special and the whole family loves this marvelous girl.
   With Philippa a dream came true ... beautiful SBT rosetted girl for breeding and love !!!


    Millwood Georgina of Bungalow is from a great line of Millwood   Bengals. She shows and carries the light tummy and a lot more special features. She is a sweet F4 / Sbt girl from the Kabuki of Millwood Asian Leopard cat and her parents are Millwood Italian Filigree and Millwood Candlelight ( F3 ).
    This girl is covered in nice medium rosettes from head to tail, has typey muscular body and we are excited about her horizontal alignment! Her special qualities are rich and deep color with sharp contrast, clear soft coat, rosettes all over, very small round ears and a shiny glittered pelt.
    She was bred to have the whitish tummy, so that she has all the critical genes to build a gorgeous Bungalow bloodline and make her special for us !!!
    She has made beautiful kittens here at Bungalow cattery !



    Sophie is an F5 from Centerwall ALC line and she is a pure Millwood Original line. She is a sweet and wonderful girl ... with her great profile and dramatic type, she has an exotic and wild look ! She has brown arrowhead markings , pale orange background color, thick tail, expressive eyes , long body and whitish tummy!
    She is a special girl that descends from the famous Millwood original cats , which will allow us to keep those important traits of the Millwood cats from original lines in our breeding program.
   This girl also carries the trademark "glítter" of her grandmother Millwood Amulet and has frequently passed the plush soft coat, glítter and whitish tummies to her kittens. Her parents are Millwood Quick Change and Velvet Back.
    Special thanks to Mr. Marco Beja for this girl ... she is very important to us !!



        Look at this lovely and sweet girl !!!
       Bo Derek is our first gorgeous daughter of our precious Millwood Milla of Bungalow and Millwood Oliver of Bungalow.
This outstanding female is an example of the rosetted pattern that we are now producing at Bungalow cattery.
       She has a very nice type, with huge rosettes, sharp contrast, highly glittered, soft and clear coat, thick tail and a beautiful whitish tummy...she looks like a "little leopard"!
       Also, she has a fabulous pedigree, including some splendid Millwood cats: Millwood Epitimiss, Millwood French Lace, Millwood HighBrow, Millwood Candlewax Art and Eeyaa's Tumbleweed of Millwood.
    She is an F5/SBT from the Kabuki of Millwood Asian Leopard Cat and she will turn out to be our new attraction at Bungalow!



       Gabriela is an F6 from Centerwall ALC and Oakhill/Heritage bloodline. This sorrel rosetted girl shows nice orange background color, good contrast, clear soft coat, small dark rosettes, glítter and great temperament.
        She is a nice breeding addition, because she carries whitish tummy and has a rich coloration...her parents are Gatopardo Tango of Bungalow and Windridge Sophie The Mini Leopard of Bungalow.
       We have great plans for this girl and we can hardly wait to see the kittens that she will produce with our huge rosetted studs !



       Tagarela is an outstanding young tri colored marble girl showing rosetting with a pelted coat. This female is super sweet and she has gorgeous clear glittered coat, thick tail, adorable face with large rounded ALC eyes that are more golden than green, substantial boning, great profile, nice open horizontal pattern and magnificent contrast as well.
       Her parents are Gatopardo Tango of Bungalow and Cedarwood Mildred of Bungalow.
       She has a totally different pattern than you would expect to find at Bungalow Cattery and she is very special to us... she was the first marble in the Bengal breed in Brazil and she was born in our cattery.
        Thanks Tango and Mildred for this darling girl !!!





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