WOW !!! He is outstanding !
     Millwood Mr. Brazil of Bungalow came to us from Jean Mill and we are very grateful with this stunning and special stud. He is one of the most impressive male that we have ever seen.
     His father is the famous rosetted IW Millwood Kamikazi Samurai of Bel Air Bengals, owned by our friend Laryce Vidal (Larry). His mother is Starwinds Bell of the Ball, a spectacular orange rosetted female with a gorgeous very white tummy from Starwinds Cattery in England.
    He has big beautiful three toned rosettes, a rich color, ultra soft silky coat,dramatic contrast and glitter. His head and profile is spectacular ... and he has tiny rounded ears, puffy whisker pads , big ALC eyes and heavy bones! Add all these features , he is covered from head to tail in distinct rosettes, spotted legs , exquisite pattern , very wild looking and he is a very loving and affectionate boy ... so, he has all !!!
We look forward to his contributions to our breeding program and now he is already producing stunning kittens for us !!!


    Millwood Oliver of Bungalow is another super stud from Millwood cattery and we are so thrilled and thankful to have our first fertile F4 / SBT boy from the Kabuki of Millwood line.
     He has true black rosettes and spots on a pale cream background, sharp contrast, glittered soft coat ,nice thick tail, great profile, heavy boning, etc... these features make him very important to us. He has a very wild look and he comes from a line of big black spots and rosettes that is nonfading. in fact,he’s the all Bengals breeder’s dream!!!
     Oliver's father is Eeyaa's Tumbleweed of Millwood and his mother is Millwood Low Voltage (F3).
     This is an exciting boy to add in our breeding program the true black markings, rosettes and extreme type...He already produced some extraordinary kittens, with very well marked and contrasted coats !!!
     What a great stud to add to Bungalow Cattery


     Gregory is splendid... he came to us from Brockenmoor Cattery in Germany and we are so proud with this magnificent boy.
     He has gotten more beautiful with maturity and he is very exotic with a wild expression. His beautiful big dark pancake rosettes are impressive and his profile is perfect !!! Look at this boy...he has an strong and long body, nice thick tail, very small rounded ears, glitter,very light undersides, soft clear coat with sharp contrast and his coat is like a fur ! Also, he has an outstanding pedigree ,which produces whitish tummies and lots of rosettes.
     His parents are Millwood Baghira of Brockenmoor and Millwood Circlet of Brockenmoor...This boy has famous brothers world wide and he is full brother of Brockenmoor Sweet Little Sheela, Brockenmoor Phantom Circle, Brockenmoor Michelangelo of Gogees, Brockenmoor Shiny Star of Stonehenge, Brockenmoor Coral of Adventure Beach,Brockenmoor Caramel Mocha of Kelkat ...and more!
    We have great expectation for the future with Gregory and our special females.
     Thanks Birgit and family for this special boy !!!


     Tango has made a big contribution to our breeding program, since he descends from the Oakhill / Heritage line. He is from a fantastic bloodline of Supreme Grand Champions and International Winners . He is a son of Oakhill Baltazar of Gatopardo (Tica's # 2 Best Bengal in the world).
     This lovely stud come to us from Argentina and will give us an outcross bloodline to use for future Bungalow generations.
      His most striking features are his vibrant and magnificent color with good contrast, very wild type and nice head. Tango has a truly short clear coat with vivid two-toned arrowhead spots/rosettes and light cream tummy. Besides these features , he has a super temperament, he is glittered and pelted!!!
      Thanks Elena Perez and Roberto Mendez at Gatopardo Cattery for placing him with us !


     Bungalow Giorgio is an F5 / SBT doubled up heritage of the Kabuki of Millwood line. His is a son of Millwood Oliver of Bungalow ( F4 ) and Millwood Georgina of Bungalow ( F4 ). He is going to be a good size boy, with fantastic body type, strong build and is our younger stud. He is one of the most contrasted and pelted than we already saw, with true black rosettes and spots on a light butter background color.
     He has a lovely thick pelt with some rosetting, glittered and glorious soft clear coat, nice thick tail, wild head with very rounded tip ears!!! To complement his outstanding contrast and conformation, he has the most lovely temperament .
    Giorgio will impress you with his overall balance, wild movement , big paws and fabulous black markings as well... he is extremely exotic in appearance !
     Thanks Georgina and Oliver for this special boy !!!





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