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       "Bungalow" means a small house, shanty, cottage, thatched or tiled one-story house in India usually having a single story surrounded by a wide verandah and sometimes an additional attic story. They became the most popular and traditional homes and quickly became associated with romantic ambient in tropical locations, becoming a very pleasing place where you can live in a nice environment as one with the nature. Formerly in India they were where travellers on a dark route could be accommodated.
        Etymology-17th Century: from Hindi bangla, literally, (house) in the Bengal style.


        We called our cattery by this name because we love simple, bucolic and rustic architecture habitation, jungle adventures and the wildlife. Bungalow Bengals is a small cattery located in a tropical paradise, in a beautiful cottage close to the mountains, surrounded by trees, huge evergreens, Bougainvilles and with a magnificent view of the lake, located in the noble area in the country side of our city of Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais State - Brazil. Here, the air is pure and enjoyable...no better place to live and breed our lovely animals!!!

       "Bungalow" has been breeding Bengals since 1997, when our love for the Bengals began and we owned our first kittens. From that time on we have been involved in breeding Bengal cats for the many years and are working with only regional, national and International Top Winner lines, combining U.S.A.,Europe and South América bloodline, such as Millwood, Brockenmoor, Starwinds, Gatopardo and others. Our foundation cats were carefully selected from well known, proven winning bloodlines and most of them are from Mrs. Jean Mill of Millwood Cattery or sons and daughters out of Millwood parents, so we are breeding Bengals, who are based on Millwood cats to carry forth the traditional pattern , type and genetic of Millwood's Bengals! At this point, we are the pioneers in the introduction of the Millwood bloodline in South America. WE SPECIALIZE IN BROWN SPOTTED/ROSETTED BENGALS THAT LOOK MORE LIKE "MINI LEOPARDS", but we have occasionally some exotic marbled

       We've acquired the best Bengals available to us and are always improving...to acheive the ultimate dream & goal of perfection! We believe that our cats will pass on not only the intense contrast, beautiful pattern, but also wonderful type and sweet energetic personality.

        Bungalow cattery is not large and our home is our cattery and all our cats have the run of the house. So our cats and kittens are always raised by hand, giving them love and care from the day they are born. This insures a friendly, well adjusted and basically trained grown up pet. Being this way they love to curl up on laps, sleep under the covers in bed, they love to play in our garden and are active member of the family. All our cats are tested ( FeLV, FIP , FIV ) negative. We produce healthy and outstanding kittens for showing and breeding who give joy to new owners at home and make them proud at shows and breeding program. Sometimes we have gorgeous kittens whom we can sell as wonderful pets. Bungalow Cattery is a closed cattery which means we do not offer stud service or send our females out to be bred.

       Our #1 priority is to produce healthy, happy, superb temperament, sweet little "leopards" that bring lots of love & happiness into the lives of the people they touch! In addition to the type conformation and crossings selected are just as important to us. Also, we are careful (attentive) to breed cats to the TICA and TIBCS Standard for the Bengal Breed, emphasizing sharp contrast, plush and soft coats, rosettes, glitter, whited tummies, long bodies, small ears, puffy whisker pads and preserving the wild look of the Asian Leopard Cat. All of our kittens are thoroughly checked by a qualified veterinarian, fully vaccinated, wormed and are well socialized before going to their new homes. Once kittens have matured, they are ready to leave home between the ages of 12-16 weeks. As responsible breeders, we require all "pet-quality" kittens to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. This helps us do our part against the growing number of unwanted cats in animal shelters, and to help protect the breed against irresponsible breeding practices.

        Due to the fact that we are so far from the TICA activity center and our occupations, we only have few opportunities to participate in its Shows, making it much difficult for us to take titles. But this it is not an obstacle to our passion by Bengals and connection with The International Cat Association and some good breeders world wide. We are willing to ship to most areas of the world, via the Confins International Airport. We export, but sell exclusively to qualified catteries, serious breeders and caring people...we are very selective in their placement!




       Having always been fascinated  by wild animals and specially being lovers of the intense beauty of the jungle, we have been actively involved in breeding, keeping and raising many brazilian wild species, such as parrots, primates, small felines and toucans. It's very important to emphasize that we are also a wildlife rescuers and conservative breeders, and we have the official permission to raise wild species in Brazil and experience to do it and we don't trade these animals. We are licensed and inspected by IBAMA (Environment Brazilian Institute).

        We are dedicated to bringing people and wildlife together to develop a community awareness of the value of the Brazil wildlife. Our ultimate goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and return recovered animals to their natural habitat. Many of these animals will never be released and will stay with us for the remainder of their lives. The care and hopeful return of these animals to the wild can become very expensive, difficult or even impossible.

         We would never encourage the keeping of wild species for pets! First of all, anyone who wants to raise these animals must keep in mind that the responsibilities to the animals in his care and to society are tremendous. If someone wants to do it and has the necessary official authorization and also knowledge enough to take care of these animals, it's great! It's very important to preserve wildlife! We don't breed wild species for money, but for a matter of conscience, scientific study, knowledge and love. Unfortunately, it seems that some people can't understand this!

        To us, the Bengal cat is a very special, and awesome appearance of little house leopards...they are perfect and exotic cats!

        We are so grateful to all friends and breeders who trusted us, give us friendship, advice and support all the time...Thanks Laryce Vidal (Bel Air Bengals),Marco Beja & Irinéa (Charmant Cattery) Birgit & Gerd Schneevoigt (Brockenmoor Bengals), Elena Perez & Roberto Mendez (Gatopardo Bengals), Mrs. Nelza Righetti (Baghdad Cattery), Sheila de Lizie (Don Scandal Cattery), Cristiana, Mr. Keith Cook,Dr. Márcia Moller, Dr. Sérgio Campos, Dr. Leonardo Maciel , Mrs. Brigitte Jansohn (In Fond Memory/Ôzelot Society )...you made our Dream come true!

       Thanks for stopping by at our Homepage! We hope you enjoyed your visiting and we hope to see you again! Please take a few minutes to visit us here at Bungalow and do not hesitate to contact us and to sign our guest book.

Cleber Ferreira Delázari, Alcides Gabriel & Mrs. Regina Cook

Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brazil






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